"We are very happy and grateful finding the Buster Dental Treat Collection. I consider it to be the best for both dog dental health problems and daily vitamin intake.  I would like to highlight the gluten free treats with rosehips, I haven't seen anything like it previously and my otherwise picky greyhounds absolutely adore it!"


3 x Gold Master Breeder
25 x World and European Champions' Breeder

International Dog Show Judge

Neuschwanstein Iwds Irish Wolfhound Kennel 


"As a Vet we often get asked for our opinion on dental products and whether they genuinely work, the best way for me to answer these questions is to try them on my own animals, that way I can give a full and in depth response. I found Buster dental sticks have a vast variety available, ranging from meat free, herbal and meaty, all being hypo-allergenic. The sensational White dental sticks are supplemented with Beta-Glucan which is a huge advantage for the many dogs that have allergen issues. Beta-Glucan boosts the immune system helping with allergens such as skin dermatitis and environmental allergens.  Having given these to my own dogs, I can confidently say they were a hit, they were very much enjoyed by both my boys and I can definitely see an improvement in their dental hygiene. Their breath was fresher, and as Buster dental sticks are easily digestible, I had no upset stomachs to contend with afterwards. Dental health is so important in animals, simple tartar, if untreated can lead to dental disease, leaving animals in unnecessary pain. I will definitely be recommending Buster dental sticks to my clients."

Christia Michaelidou