Buster Herbal

  • Buster Herbal Mix

Thanks to the purest natural raw and herbal ingredients like aniseed, peppermint and cinnamon, this rice-based, vegan, super dog food stick provides effective treatment for dental health problems while also helps fighting inflammation in the body with its herbal component and is recommended for dogs with allergies.

Buster Herbal is designed to have anti-inflammatory properties and helps with the efficient functioning of the digestive system. They can calm sensitive digestive systems and help alleviate the root causes of inflammation of the digestive organs, even putting a stop to these ailments altogether.

Every one of our Herbal product range can offer either gluten free (corn based) or hypoallergenic (rice based) alternatives with meat or meat-free .


Buster Rosehips

  • Buster Rosehips

Thanks to the purest natural raw ingredients like rosehip, this rice-based, super dog food stick provides effective treatment for dogs with dental health problems while also strengthens the immune system with the added natural vitamin C in rosehips and is recommended for dogs with  allergies.

Rosehip is a proven source of natural  vitamins. It supports the immune system and ensures perfect digestion. Its antioxidant properties can contribute towards the prevention of harmful oxidisation processes and keeping in check the effects of free radicals.

Every one of our Rosehip product range can offer either gluten free (corn based) or hypoallergenic (rice based) alternatives with meat or meat-free .

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  • Buster Hypoallergenic with Beta-Glucan

Beta Glucan is used for strengthening the body’s natural resilience by keeping infectious diseases at bay, thereby enhancing the natural reactivity of the immune system. It reinforces the efficacy of vaccines.


Furthermore, it can also be used as a supplementary treatment for allergic symptoms, for enhancing physical activity and vitality, as well as aiding in treating diseases related to tumours. It can also play a role in alleviating chronic skin conditions. It can also work its magic on the beauty of your dog’s coat.

  • It is primarily used to strengthen and stimulate the immune system. Because macrophages and other cells of the immune system play a major role in its processing, the body’s defence system has such a ”boost” after which it can help overcome the disease and counteract the infections more effectively.

  • It can be used to strengthen the immune system of chronic patients, people with persistent stress, and people after chemotherapy.

  • It is effective in treating certain tumour types. Beta-glucan processing macrophages select substances that activate and enable white blood cells with the CR3 receptor to kill the tumors labeled with the same markers.

  • It can improve the condition of people suffering from chronic skin diseases (e.g. eczema, atopic dermatitis).

  • For high cholesterol levels, beta-glucans produced from yeast extract may reduce cholesterol levels by preventing the absorption of cholesterol in foods.



Buster with Beef

  • Buster with Beef

Our meat-based formula is specifically intended for those dogs that are tempted only by the strongest of scents, or for those that may be least likely to accept a meat-free product. Our meat-based collection of dog dental sticks are made with the highest quality first class lean beef because beef has the least allergenic qualities for dogs.


Buster with Beef comes flavoured with either herbal mix or rosehips or just on its own in our hypoallergenic (rice based), or gluten free (corn based) collection.

Dogs chew and eat their ‘toothbrushes’ so it very important that is apart from tasting delicious it is also kind to their tummy. 

The formula of the Buster Dental Sticks has been carefully developed by food engineers, veterinarians and pet dental experts and designed to strengthen the immune system, low in calories therefore suitable for dogs with obesity problems and has a calming effect on the stomach. All these positive benefits has been added to ensure that your doggie will remain healthy in the long term.

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