rice based

  • Buster Hypoallergenic Rice Based - Unflavoured

In today's world, many dogs exhibit sensitive digestive or allergic symptoms.  Dogs are predominantly allergic for chicken-based products, and some are allergic to cereal grains, so we have developed rice-based dental sticks that are free of artificial colouring and suits the dog's needs. 

For those dogs preferring stronger fragrances,  we created our rice-based products supplemented with beef, which we are happy to recommend  also to allergy-prone dogs. 


Our hypoallergenic unflavoured, herbal and rosehip products are available in three sizes: 110g, 180g and 270g. 

  • BUSTER HYPOALLERGENIC 110g: dogs between 5-10 kg

  • BUSTER HYPOALLERGENIC 180g: dogs between 10-25 kg

  • BUSTER HYPOALLERGENIC 270g: dogs over 25 kg​

For those dogs who prefer more defined fragrances, or they tend to less accept meat-free varieties, we developed products with meat content.

Buster Hypoallergenic rice based NO MEAT 110g, 180g, 270g

Buster Hypoallergenic rice based WITH BEEF 110g, 180g, 270g 

  • Buster Hypoallergenic Rice Based Herbal

It has a general anti-inflammatory effect, and helps the digestive organs work effectively.

Buster Hypoallergenic Herbal is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion system. The specifically composed mix provides a possible general immune boost and helps to protect the dogs' organisms against toxins found in the environment. Buster Gluten Free Herbal is designed to have broad anti-inflammatory properties and supports the efficient functioning of the digestive system.


They can calm sensitive digestive systems and help alleviate the root causes of inflammation of the digestive organs, even putting a stop to these ailments altogether. Furthermore, they help with treating and disposing toxins. All these positive benefits has been added to ensure that your doggie will remain healthy in the long term.

Buster Hypoallergenic Herbal rice based NO MEAT 110g, 180g, 270g

Buster Hypoallergenic Herbal rice based WITH BEEF 110g, 180g, 270g

  • Buster Hypoallergenic Rice Based with Rosehips

Rosehip is a proven source of natural  vitamins. It supports the immune system and ensures perfect digestion. Its antioxidant properties can contribute towards the prevention of harmful oxidisation processes and keeping in check the effects of free radicals.

Buster Hypoallergenic Rosehips raise the organism’s power of resistance, the flavonoids inside have inflammatory, immune boosting impacts, and the pectins improve digestion. Vitamin C participates in the regulation of oxidation processes, strengthens the wessel walls, and boosts the defence ability of the organism against infections, diseases.

Thanks to the purest natural raw ingredients like rosehip, this rice-based, super dog food stick provides effective treatment for dogs with dental health problems while also strengthens the immune system with the added natural vitamin C in rosehips and is recommended for dogs with  allergies.

Great care has been devoted towards ensuring that only the purest and most natural raw ingredients are included in their composition, omitting any unhealthy ingredient that may be detrimental to the health of your dog.  

Buster Hypoallergenic rice based with Rosehips NO MEAT 110g, 180g, 270g

Buster Hypoallergenic rice based WITH BEEF 110g, 180g, 270g 

  • Health Advice and Feeding Instuctions

Reward your dog with the maximum of 2 sticks of Buster Dental a day to prevent plaque and tartar formation. Not recommended for puppies younger than 4 months old. Always provide your dog with sufficient amount of fresh drinking water.