• Pets dental care

Dental care is not only important for humans. Our pets, being kept for pleasure would need it too, but they rarely partake of regular dental care. Therefore, – especially in the case of dogs – gum deseases often occur – due to the dog owners' not paying proper attention to their beloved animal’s teeth.

  • The impact of gum deseases

Various gum diseases come with pain, which interfere the animals’ eating. Besides, also as in the case of humans, inflammation may cause more serious complications:


At the initial stage of the process, plaque (pellicle) accumulates on the teeth, especially between the teeth, and on the edge of the gum, and the dental neck. Later, the Calcium and Magnesium salts from the saliva accumulate on this plaque, and as they become solid, they create the tartar. At this stage, only slightly brown plaque may be seen on the dental neck. At a more advanced stage, the gum inflames and the growing tartar disrupts the connection between the tooth and the gum. In the mouth of the animal decaying processes develop. The ingestion is getting more painful, and the breath becomes extraordinarily stinking. This sounds rather scary, but it should be noted, that this is the minor problem! Numerous species of bacterias growing in the mouth are able to grow in the blood-stream, and they cause in the various organs (heart, lungs, liver, kidney) purulent- focal alterations, which may even lead to death, or to a foreshortened life expectancy of the animal.

The mindful pet owner cares about his cosset's oral hygiene and prevents tartar development, for instance in a way of regularly feeding the animal with animal treats, with "dog tooth brush".

  • Buster Dental Stick

The Buster Dental Stick manufactured and distributed by Rewardent Ltd., – which may be purchased in 110 grammes, 180 grammes and 270 grammes presentations – are ideally prevent small, medium and big dogs' oral cavity problems.

  • The physiological impacts of Buster Dental Sticks

The Buster Dental Stick is a supplementary pet food, which helps to prevent the formulation of plaque-and tartar, besides, it has numerous favourable physiological impacts. Thanks to its' mineral contents, it physically removes the naturally developing plaques while bone chewing, as the dogs’ earlier natural nutriment prevented this process. Today, veterinaries don’t recommend the consumption of bones, or at least rarely and very carefully. Because of their age, it is not recommended to feed elderly dogs with bone, due to their permanently deteriorating dentition and to their weakening operation of intestines. Bowel obstruction due to too hard stool may take more elderly dog’s life. Due their eating habit, it is neither recommended to feed younger dogs with bone, because they are wolfing food. It may cause mechanical damage, enterobiasis, drowning, and overfeeding with bones may cause constipation.


The regular application of the Buster Dental Stick supplementary pet food after meal, similarly to human's tooth-brushing after meal, it cleans the teeth, preventing the formulation of plaques, which are the basis of the development of more serious oral cavity complications.

  • Buster dental stick


Due to the easily digestible high protein content of the Buster Dental Stick supplemetary pet food, it has great water retention quality, and due to its’ high fiber content it moves fast through the intestinal, it may increase the volume of the stool, which helps the consumed nutriments’ fast movement through the intestinal. The water-soluble fiber turns to be a jelly consistent material, which may be effective in intestinal cleansing and in the  detoxication processes of the organism.