• Buster Hypoallergenic Rise Based with BETA - GLUCAN

Rewardent Ltd is committed to maintaining the long run health of our dogs, so with the cooperation of the Norwegian company, “IMMIVET BETA GLUCAN”, we have created our special dental care product / dog dental stick with a hypoallergenic dental stick, supplemented with BETA-GLUCAN.

Beta Glucan is used for strengthening the body’s natural resilience by keeping infectious diseases at bay, thereby enhancing the natural reactivity of the immune system. It reinforces the efficacy of vaccines. Furthermore, it can also be used as a supplementary treatment for allergic symptoms, for enhancing physical activity and vitality, as well as aiding in treating diseases related to tumours. It can also play a role in alleviating chronic skin conditions. It can also work its magic on the beauty of your dog's coat!

The formula of our Hypoallergenic Dental Sticks with Beta Glucan has been carefully developed by food engineers, veterinarians and pet dental experts and designed to strengthen the immune system, low in calories therefore suitable for dogs with obesity problems and has a calming effect on the stomach. All these positive benefits has been added to ensure that your dog will remain healthy in the long term.

Buster Hypoallergenic rice based with BETA-GLUCAN NO MEAT 110g, 180g, 270g

  • Buster Hypoallergenic Rice Based with BETA GLUCAN Specifications

In our products there is a high percentage of beta-glucan, and is therefore recommended as a preventative product for dogs. The beneficial effects of beta-glucan are demonstrated by a number of clinical studies.


For information on the beneficial effects of beta-glucan, visit the following English-language websites: 


  • Health Advice and Feeding Instuctions

Reward your dog with the maximum of 2 sticks of Buster Dental a day to prevent plaque and tartar formation. Not recommended for puppies younger than 4 months old. Always provide your dog with sufficient amount of fresh drinking water.