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Rewardent Ltd. believes that oral health effects the whole physical and mental balance of a dog. This is the reason we crafted our all natural dog dental sticks which provides solution even for severe dental health problems and thanks to the purest natural raw delicious ingredients we have added many health benefits to ensure that your doggie will remain healthy in the long term.


Our factory is located in Keszthely, Hungary (European Union), which has been founded by pet fanciers. At the moment, our plant operates with 3 extruders with the capacity of 3 tons within 24 hours. 


  • Expansion possibility   

When designing the factory, we were closely looking at later expansion options, with additional production lines and positions developed. With additional machines, the production can be easily extended to 10-12 tons per day.

Our company owns numerous in-house developed "know-hows", recipes, which are constantly being further developed. When developing our products, we take into account the specifics of the dogs' digestive tract. Thus, in creating our products, we have invented different products even suitable for dogs with gluten and other allergies.

Our products contain antioxidants, vitamins, beta-glucan, herbal, anti-inflammatory and natural ingredients, aiming at helping to preserve, or restore the dogs’ dental hygiene.

Or company is specialised in dogs’ dental products, so we focus on the oral care of dogs, and to their dental hygiene. The explicit role and purpose of our products are the oral hygiene of dogs, which is not equivalent with the concept of reward.

  • The role of our products

  • Markets

Our products are present in several European countries, and currently we are facing with more inquiries outside the European markets. We are proud to announce, that our entry to the overseas markets are expected this year.

At present, our base products are rosemary dental, herbal mix (herbal complex dental stick), and dental sticks containing rosehips, with a high vitamin C component, and products containing beta-glucan. As a result of our continuos product development, we created products with beta-glucan.  All of our products have a version of meat content.

All of our products contain only natural ingredients, and are free from artificial colourings. Our present products are corn-based, and for the dogs with a more sensitive digestion system, we offer rice-based products.

Innovation is our upmost priority, so at the moment, the development of other products are in progress, enriching our dental sticks product-line with such new ingredients, which are great for dogs.

With our product development activities, we constantly adjust to the changing demands of dog owners with the right up-to-date products.

  • Manufacturing and Development


H-1118, Budapest, Hungary,

Otthon Street 34.


Phone: +36 20 968 1825


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